Arc Effects Big Green Tall Font Russian Pedal
Arc Effects Big Green Tall Font Russian Pedal,PHP 12,027,Philippines Price

Arc Effects Big Green Tall Font Russian Pedal

ARC Effects (Philippines)
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PHP 12,027
Product Description

Introducing the ARC Effects Big Green! A new take on the classic "S" Tall Font Green Russian Distortion that's known far and wide for being as great with guitar as it is with bass. The Big Green is based on a few poked and prodded real deal Tall Fonts and stands alone as the only known available Green Russian to features custom ordered period correct potentiometer values. These were discovered during deconstruction of a few real Tall Fonts (no pedals were harmed in the production of this pedal) and make it quite possibly the most accurate modern take on the classic circuit. The newest revision features an external toggle switch for 3 mid voicings (stock scooped, flat, and boosted), an even smaller low profile enclosure, and new graphics.

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