Novation Circuit Groovebox with Sample Import
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Novation Circuit Groovebox with Sample Import

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Once you start making music with the Novation Circuit synthesizer workstation, it's sure to become a fixture in your rig. In fact, this standalone groove box, with its onboard synthesizers and drum machine, can easily be your entire beat-production rig, and since it can run on battery power, the Circuit will let you create music anywhere. Onboard, you'll find a pair of Nova-style synthesizer engines loaded with killer sounds, plus a 4-part rhythm section and a 4 x 8 matrix of wonderfully playable RGB pads. Easy access to effects and macro parameter controls let you dive in and get creative with your sounds, and super-flexible onboard sequencing allows you to create entire compositions filled with motion and energy.

Novation Circuit Electronic Music Workstation

  •     Get creative with a world of classic Novation sound
  •     Intuitive workflow lets you get your ideas down fast
  •     Standalone freedom that's also amazing in the studio
  •     Circuit Firmware 1.2 adds powerful feature updates

Get creative with a world of classic Novation sound

Production-ready synths? Killer rhythms? Loads of sound-shaping power? It's all in here. Novation not only managed to pack the kind of sounds AudioBuy synth nuts expect from the Nova line into the Circuit, they did it in a way that makes patch creation a blast. Playing sounds and tapping out drums is a piece of cake, thanks to a set of 32 highly expressive RGB pads. Eight macro knobs put you in touch with sophisticated parameters, allowing you to tweak sounds quickly on the fly. The 2-part synthesizer comes loaded with 64 killer sounds, and the 4-part drum machine is perfect for laying down electronic grooves. On top of that, you've got awesome effects onboard to spice up your sound, and virtually every parameter can be sequenced to create extremely cool soundscapes.

Intuitive workflow lets you get your ideas down fast

One of the most astonishing things about the Novation Circuit is how fast it lets you work. Part of that is that the sounds themselves are so good and so easy to tweak, but a lot of it has to do with the workflow itself. For starters, the Circuit includes modes that let you set the key you want to work in and quantize incoming notes to the beat, which makes it easy to experiment with melodies, chords, and rhythms, without being an awesome musician. The 128-step sequencer also speeds up your step sequencing workflow by using the full 4 x 8 pad matrix to display both steps and notes at the same time. Whether you're working riff to riff or building up whole songs, the Circuit will have you creating songs in no time!

Standalone freedom that's also amazing in the studio

If you're the kind of artist who digs working in your studio but sometimes just wants to head out to the park or grab some coffee and still be able to create excellent music, then you're looking at the right groove machine. Novation built the Circuit to be a complete standalone workstation, allowing you to go from an idea in your head to a complete song without touching another piece of gear. You don't even need A/C power, since the Circuit can run for hours on battery power. But its standalone capabilities are just the beginning - the Novation Circuit can also act as a sequencer for other MIDI synths, and it fits into your DAW music-creation environment seamlessly via USB.

Circuit Firmware 1.2 adds powerful feature updates

With the release of the 1.2 firmware update, Novation made Circuit an even more powerful music-creation platform than ever. The top feature is Sample Upload, which lets you use a simple browser-based editor/librarian on your computer to add up to 60 seconds of your own samples to your Circuit. You can also download and backup your sounds for safe keeping. Other highlights include MIDI recording, external MIDI controller support, and patch changes via Program Change MIDI messages. On the editing side, Novation added momentary recording, step editing, and step clearing for added flexibility. Together, these great new features deliver a vast range of new creative potential.

Novation Circuit Electronic Music Workstation Features

  •     A powerful electronic music workstation with Nova-series synth engines and sequencing
  •     Comprehensive RGB-backlit 4 x 8 pad matrix makes playing and sequencing intuitive
  •     2-part Nova-series analog-modeled synthesizer with 64 presets delivers amazing sound
  •     4-part rhythm machine lets you lay down beats and create compelling drum sequences
  •     Load up to 60 seconds of your own samples via a browser-based editor/librarian
  •     Perform live with or without real-time quantization or step sequence on a detailed grid layout
  •     Lock your synths to a specific key to quickly create music without worrying about wrong notes
  •     Store your creations in 32 slots for performance and easy recall
  •     Battery power and built-in speaker let you create and perform music anywhere
  •     USB and MIDI connections provide compatibility with the rest of your electronic music gear
  •     Includes Ableton Live Lite and 1GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples

Create exciting electronic music anywhere with a Novation Circuit synthesizer workstation!

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