Shure Beta 98A Miniature Condenser Microphone, With A75M Drum Mount (3-Pack)
Shure Beta 98A Miniature Condenser Microphone, With A75M Drum Mount (3-Pack) , Australia , Buy Online , International Shipping , Best Price

Shure Beta 98A Miniature Condenser Microphone, With A75M Drum Mount (3-Pack)

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Able to fit where full-sized microphones simply cannot, the mini Shure Beta 98A condenser mic comes in handy when you're recording acoustic or amplified instruments in tight spaces. It's only 1.4 inches long and just .46 inches in diameter! Just don't make any assumptions based on the mic's micro stature -- the Beta 98A may be small, but it can perform just as well as its larger counterparts, thanks to its high-output design and uniform cardioid polar pattern. Shure's Beta 98A miniature condenser microphone provides excellent gain before feedback, reliable off-axis rejection of unwanted noise, high SPL handling, and a wide frequency response, making it a standout choice for recording anything from drum kits and pianos to saxophones and violins. And it delivers all the quality you'd expect from Shure. Don't be afraid to put it on a snare!

Many Uses for This Mini Mic

Capture acoustic instruments and drums like a pro with the bite-sized Beta 98A. Ideal for professional sound reinforcement and studio recording, this microphone features a uniform cardioid polar pattern, which picks up sounds from the front and rejects bleed from the sides and rear -- a must when you're recording or reinforcing live bands. What's more, the mic's high output level, high sound pressure level (SPL) capability, frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and killer low-frequency reproduction allow it to capture the true tone of your drums, pianos, reeds, winds, and stringed instruments.

Place the Beta 98A Anywhere

Choose from two configurations: the Beta 98AD/C or the Beta 98A/C. Both configurations of the microphone offer the same SPL handling. The Beta 98AD/C includes Shure's A98D drum mount with a flexible gooseneck that you can position for toms, snares, and percussion. Likewise, the Shure Beta 98A/C comes with the Shure's RK282 shock mount swivel adapter for attachment to any standard microphone stand, making it a better choice for close-miking pianos, drum kits, and instruments in the wind and string families.


- Mini cardioid condenser microphone
- Uniform cardioid pickup pattern for maximum gain before feedback and superior rejection of off-axis sound
- Tailored frequency response (20 Hz to 20 kHz) specifically shaped for drums, percussion, reeds, and horns
- Compact design reduces stage clutter
- Wide dynamic range for use in high SPL environments
- Enamel-coated metal construction and stainless steel inner grille resist wear and abuse
- Exceptional low-frequency reproduction
- Extremely high SPL handling of 144 dB
- High output level
- No crossover distortion
- Ruggedly built to handle normal wear and tear 

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